Travelling with a baby for the first time

We have recently added another travel partner to our little family!  Alexander, born 27 August 2016.  We wish you many happy travels my baby!

Boarding for the first time!

Boarding for the first time!

As probably with all first time mothers, I was very stressed about travelling with my four month old for the first time. Being exhausted most of the time from pajama-drill, we decided to keep his first trip low key and travel time to a minimum.  You will find many articles, with all sorts of advice to assist you.  But while it is still very fresh, I would like to share a few personal tips for parents travelling with a baby for the first time.

My Trip Tips:

  • You don’t need to take EVERYTHING with… I managed without his Bumbo chair, even though I didn’t think I would!
  • Planning is key.  Start packing early to avoid having to rush.
  • Confirm with the airline beforehand about the necessary documentation,  luggage and extra costs for the baby.  Also, if you are bottle feeding, confirm about the quantity of water and milk that is allowed.
  • Keep the first trip low key.  Perhaps go somewhere you have been before so that you know exactly what to expect.
  • There are many websites that offer baby items to rent in different cities.  So if you don’t manage without the Bumbo chair… you can always rent it! Some of these sites also offer services where they purchase nappies, wipes and all the necessary items as per your request and deliver it to your door with your rental items.
  • If you are planning on renting a car, make sure it has enough space for your and babies luggage.  Remember the mandatory car seat!
  • If you bottle feed, always take extra bottles for the unexpected delays.
  • Always take an extra set of clothing for you and baby in your hand luggage.
  • Administer some saline nasal spray before boarding to keep baby’s sinuses open and let baby drink during take off and landing.  The suckling motion will assist in reducing pressure on baby’s ears.